To initiate the purchase process the following indications must be followed:

  1. Select the desired photos: Add the products you want to buy into your shopping cart. You can choose the number of units desired within the same product sheet or later in the basket summary.
  2. Check shopping cart: Once the desired products have been chosen, go to the shopping cart, accessible through a banner that will appear with the last product added. In the summary page of the basket you can verify products, quantities and correct the order if necessary. At the bottom of the basket summary you can select the method of payment. You can choose between Paypal and Redsys (credit card)
  3. Identification and registration: Clicking the “Checkout” button in the basket summary, you will find the identification and payment page. Fill in your personal billing information and follow the instructions on the screen to make the payment.
  4. End of purchase and order confirmation: Once the payment has been made, you will be redirected to the completed payment page, where you can download the requested photographs. You will receive an email with the order confirmation. If you do not receive this mail within 24 hours, please contact us.

All the operations carried out in the purchase process are encrypted with a SSL secure protocol, so the process is protected at all times.

Montseferre.com does not have access or storage at any time to the bank data provided by the customer in the purchase process, since this part of the process is done directly on the servers of the chosen payment method (Applicable in cases of payment by PayPal or Credit Card)

If you choose to process the payment via PayPal, this entity may temporarily charge the amount of 1 euro to verify the validity of the card, an amount that will be returned once the bank of your card verifies the payment.


All photographs displayed and sold on this website belong to Montse Ferré, and for this reason is the owner of the copyright of the same. The photographs that the user purchases give them the right to use them exclusively for personal and private purposes.

By copyright reasons, the use of any material sold in this page for any kind of commercial, economic or any other kind of purposes by third parties is strictly forbidden without the written consent of Montse Ferré or by persons authorized to facilitate such permits. The persons authorized to grant such permission will be identified with a document duly signed by Montse Ferré.


In the case of direct download products once payment has been made, no cancellations are accepted. If you think you made a wrong choice of some photographs on your order, please send us an email to hola@montseferre.com stating your case as detailed as possible and we will contact you as soon as possible.


You have a period of 7 business days from the date of order to request a mediation or return. As a direct download digital product, we don’t accept return requests beyond the following reasons: product download error, considerable defects in the photograph (blurred, with elements that block the visibility of the subject of the photograph ).

To start a mediation process, please send us an email to hola@montseferre.com stating your case as detailed as possible and begin the mediation process to identify problems on your order. Once you have identified the problems in your order, you will be offered a solution to fulfill your order. If we can not offer a satisfactory solution, we will return the partial or total amount of the order, according to the characteristics of the problem. If no problem is identified in the order, or what is cited in the mediation process does not meet the requirements for the return, montseferre.com reserves the right not to make any return of the amount of the order.